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Jane Austen Knits . . . and so do I

Posted 12/7/2011 6:58am by Andrea.

Jane Austen. The mere mention of her name sends some bibliophiles swooning.

I am a fan, but not a take-a-trek-to-Bath, festival-going, dress-up-in-period-costume kind of fan. Just a regular, everyday kind of fan.

But Interweave magazine recently came out with a magazine called Jane Austen Knits and now my head is swimming with all things Jane.

I've taken out every adaptation of every Jane Austen movie that our library system has. Same with the audio books so I can knit and listen to her stories at the same time. I fear I am turning into a certified Jane fan -- or maybe a certifiable fan.

I seriously looked at these on the Jane Austen Centre's website. Somebody stop me.

The patterns in Jane Austen Knits are not something I would normally knit. I like most of them, but they are delicate and refined -- two words that do not normally describe my knitting.

My knitting is usually described as chunky and functional. Bulky yarns. Not lacey yarns. Easy patterns. Not hard patterns.

But I am expanding my horizons. "As God as my witness, they're not going to lick me." I'm going to knit some of these patterns. (Different author, different time period, but anytime you have the opportunity to throw in a Gone with the Wind quote, you've got to take it!)

The patterns are divided into themes: Country, Manor, Garden & Town. I will knit one from each section. Now remember, I am the world's slowest knitter, so this might take some time. But I will keep you updated.

Run, don't walk 'cause it's selling fast, to your nearest bookstore to get a copy of this magazine and start knitting. If you make something from one of the patterns, send me a picture and we'll post it here.

My hope is that Interweave will do a whole series of author-knit books. I personally would love a Laura Ingalls Wilder Knits. Or maybe a Lucy Maud Montgomery Knits.

But for now, Jane and I will spend the winter knitting together.

(all knitting photos are from Jane Austen Knits 2011)

Tags: Knitting
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I wonder what Mr. Darcy would fancy?
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